Welcome to the Lair!

Welcome to the inaugural post of my new blog The Writer’s Lair.

This blog is a shameless vehicle through which to promote my books and gain some traction in the new literary world. As writers and readers alike are aware – the book business is undergoing a cataclysmic change. These days, in order to publish sometime before the “pushing up daisies phase” of your existence, you have do it all yourself. This means you absolutely must become author, editor, publisher, marketer, art director, promoter, publicist and chief cook and bottle washer. Otherwise, you ain’t going anywhere, baby.


In addition to providing a glimpse into my personal experience in this new world, I will also be attempting to bring a spotlight onto other authors’ works as they stumble down the same gnarled path as myself. There is a universe of great new material out there, which hasn’t been published by the big guys and is just whipping around the Internet like a cyber Tasmanian devil.


I also want to promote discussion on the body of work that is already out there. I’m fascinated by authors’ lives, writing processes and styles. I’m especially fond of the dark and twisted scribes of yesteryear. It was Poe who inspired me to write when I was around eight years old and I’ve always had a thing for exploring the morbid recesses of people’s brains, including mine. I’m also a lover of sardonic wit and find that humor mixed in with a fearless lust for delving into topics considered less than welcome in polite society to be a comforting salve in this journey through life.


Hopefully, my posts will bring some entertainment and provoke some thought as to the intentions of writers present and past in how they shape and hone their craft. I also hope to hear what other writers and readers alike have to say about their favorite works and the people who create them. So go ahead and take a look at my very first post Happy Dia de Muertos and let me know what you think.

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